Tmj disorder treatment

  • Bite Adjustment treatment in San Diego

    Bite Adjustment treatment in San Diego The upper teeth are intended to bite over the lower teeth fittingly for proper chewing of food. Bite problems are a result of misaligned upper and lower teeth

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  • What Are The Causes Of TMJ Disorders

    TMJ disorders are often associated with intense jaw pain and nearby parts of the face, ear, head and teeth. The pain can also extend up to the neck and shoulders, and even the back.

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  • What Is Bruxism ?

    If not addressed immediately bruxism can affect the other parts of the body. The face, neck and shoulders can experience pain. Dental fillings and teeth enamel will deteriorate and become damaged, leading to teeth sensitivity.

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  • Jaw And Bite Problems

    An estimate of 10 million Americans experience jaw pain including pain in surrounding areas of the face due to jaw and bite problems.

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