LanapThe advancement in technology has impacted the world immensely more so the field of medicine. New techniques and medical procedures have made patients less anxious and more comfortable when they have to undergo treatment for illnesses. The dental industry has benefited from these new approaches for treating periodontal disease. Since your oral health care is a matter of concern Mesa Family Dental is equipped with the latest technology LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) to treat periodontal disease.

This treatment procedure is fully endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). LANAP surgery is an approach which uses minimal invasive procedure for patients who have to do gum surgery. Mesa Family Dental patients who are scared of the traditional methods used in gum surgery can now breathe a sigh of relief because LANAP surgery is accessible at our dental office.

Millions of Americans suffer from periodontal disease, which is said to be the main reason why adults lose their teeth. Before now, gum surgery involved cuts and sutures but not so with LANAP surgery.

Patients can be confident in knowing that their gum surgery can be done using the latest available technology at Mesa Family Dental.

What are the advantages of using LANAP surgery when compared to traditional approaches?

• LANAP is a simple procedure. No cuts or sutures

• Discomfort is minimal both during and after the surgery.

• It requires less time and may need just one visit for treatment followed by two follow-up visits. For traditional surgery, you may have to attend four sessions each lasting an hour and subsequent visits for removing the sutures and check-ups.

• The results in LANAP surgery are better than in traditional surgery

• Although Mesa Family Dental patients are advised to use a soft diet up to two days after the surgery. While they can eat anything if they feel well enough to, they should nonetheless be careful about what they choose to eat after undergoing LANAP surgery.

• Recovery time for standard surgery normally takes 2 to 4 weeks. During this time however patients can suffer from a significant amount of pain and swelling. This usually restricts what they eat. Liquids or soft diets are best in this situation.

• No long absences from work. With LANAP surgery you can return to work within 24 hours.

• LANAP is safe for you if you have health problems such as HIV, diabetes, hemophilia or if you are taking medications like aspirin or Plavix.

• Patients who experiences advanced stages of periodontal disease and are taking Bisphosphonates medication, for example Fosamax, should avoid or postpone extractions since this innovative discovery can help.

Summary of the LANAP process

1. A periodontal probe is used to identify extreme pocket depths.

2. Bacteria and diseased tissues are removed at the first pass of the laser.

3. Root surface tartar loosened by the first pass of the laser is then removed by specific ultrasonic instruments.

4. Blood clot is stimulated in the pocket at the second pass of the laser and this prevents the regrowth of the epithelium into the pockets.

5. Bones and tissues are reattached to the root surfaces that have been cleaned.

6. Adjustment of bite is initiated to prevent bite trauma.

7. Bone and new connective tissue growth begin.

LANAP surgery is a new approach for people who have periodontal disease. Mesa Family Dental offers this treatment to patients who been recommended to do gum surgery.