• Invisalign Clear Braces

    Straight teeth mean more than a confident smile Who doesn’t love properly straight and healthy teeth which symbolizes not only a healthy oral health but also a beautiful smile?

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  • Treatable Cases Invisalign

    Treatable Cases From simple cases like crooked teeth to more complex dental problems like overbite and under bite, Invisalign can correct different kinds of dental deformities effectively and affordably

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  • Certified Invisalign Provider

    Have you ever desired to charm people or brighten someone’s day, with a flash of your smile? However, do you deem it impossible because you have imperfect teeth?

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  • Invisalign Specialist In San Diego

    Invisalign Specialist in San Diego We will work with you to maximize your dental insurance benefits and limit your out of pocket expense. Invisalign is our specialty Over the past few years Invisalign has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional metal braces. Doctor Davoudi’s office is one of the “elite preferred providers” of

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