Full Mouth Reconstruction San Diego

Full Mouth Reconstruction Permanently Restores Damaged Teeth

When a qualified dentist reconstructs or restores teeth in your lower and upper jaws, the dental procedure carried out is called a full mouth reconstruction. The procedure is also known as a full mouth rehabilitation and full mouth restoration and is a preliminary dental procedure for routines such as dental implants.

At Mesa Family Dental clinic, we provide high-quality treatment for full mouth reconstruction, which includes treatment and services of orthodontics, veneers, designing and placing crowns, bridges, gum disease treatment, and endodontics. The clinic is run by Dr. Touran Davoudi, a leading dentist in San Diego with extensive certification and training in advanced orthodontic surgical procedures and dental implants.

Why A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Is Needed

Patients may require a full mouth reconstruction procedure for the following main reasons given below:

  • Damaged teeth
  • As a key step prior to dental implants placement
  • Loss of teeth owing to trauma
  • Presence of unrelenting pain in the jaw or facial muscles, bad bite, and headache
  • Highly reduced teeth due to clenching, teeth grinding or intake of acidic food and drink

Combined Procedure Of Full Mouth Dental Restoration And Implants

In cases involving the full set of teeth being restored, full mouth dental rehabilitation often involves placing dental implants. The combination of procedures completely revamps a patient’s appearance and smile. The comprehensive reconstruction and implants procedures, if done in conjunction, should be carried out by qualified and experienced dentists as they require careful planning and execution.

What To Expect In A Full Mouth Reconstruction

During the planning phase of the procedure, the profile and particular needs of a patient are noted. This is followed by a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth and teeth to determine dental health, optimum course of action, and potential threats during the time-consuming procedure.

The dentist goes through a check-list to examine oral health by evaluating gum tissues, jaw muscles, bite alignment, teeth esthetics, and temporomandibular joints of the patient. The quality of your dental health decides the suitability of treatment. For example, successful placement of a crown, bridge, or veneer depends on the condition of your tooth or teeth.

Gum Health: Healthy gums are a prerequisite for full mouth reconstruction. So, if your gums are infected or inflamed, scaling or planning is done for periodontal disease treatment. Disease-free gums lay a strong foundation for reconstructed teeth. Unhealthy gums can lead to failed treatment, continued discomfort, and additional cost and time to address the problem.

Jaw Health: The optimum health of your jaw is also important for effective full mouth rehabilitation. Therefore, all teeth alignment issues need to be corrected. Proper teeth alignment ensures that the jaw opens and closes without discomfort or pain, and the reconstruction can proceed knowing that there are no alignment issues.

Teeth Appearance: Your dentist will also consider the shape, color, and size of your natural teeth before carrying out a full mouth reconstruction. Resolving issues related to esthetics will result in a bright and healthy smile.

Dental patients trying to deal with unresolved dental issues in their teeth, gums, and facial joints can contact Dr. Davoudi’s dental practice for more information about how a full mouth reconstruction can permanently treat their symptoms. Dr. Davoudi is a preferred provider for Invisalign® and has completed more than 300 Invisalign® cases in San Diego.