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Mesa Family Dental offers Total Oral Dental Care

mesaWe offer family and general dentistry services to every member of your household. Do you need to find a Mesa Family Dental practice that offers complete dental examinations and treatments? Mesa Family Dental offers a general dentistry practice which provides oral health care for the entire family. The comprehensive dental care offers at Mesa Family Dental includes several services and treatments for damaged teeth including preventative and restorative dental procedures.

Mesa Family Dental offers restorative dental care in family and general dentistry service which includes:

• General cleaning

• Examinations every six month

• Extractions

• Screening for oral cancer

• Treatment for sleep apnea

• Root canal therapy

• Gum disease therapy

• TMJ therapy

At Mesa Family Dental we adhere to the American Dental Association’s recommendation which stipulates that patients should be scheduled for biannual check-ups. In this way you are kept wellinformed about what is happening to you in terms of your oral dental care.

Plaque and tartar buildup have been consistently linked with poor oral health. To prevent periodontal disease the plaque and tartar build-up must be removed from your teeth and gums. That is why the dental professionals at Mesa Family Dental recommend that patients come in for deep cleaning twice yearly. Mesa

Family Dental values their patients and so the staff offers quality oral dental care. Dental sealants are applied to each tooth to prevent the intrusion of cavity-causing bacteria. In addition, you are given a fluoride treatment by Mesa family Dental staff. This fluoride treatment will provide additional mineral protection for the enamel.

Do you need dental bonding? Mesa Family Dental offers family and general dentistry service in dental bonding also natural-colored fillings for treating cavities. When your teeth are decayed or chipped dental bonding is used to fix this problem. The result is a great smile and a more attractive look than you’d get from metallic fillings. Mesa Family Dental provides family and general dentistry care in cosmetic dentistry to correct any damage done to your teeth.

If your tooth decay is so advanced that an extraction is necessary Mesa Family Dental offers this service including sedation dentistry which helps to make the procedure more comfortable. If you need corrective remedies for dental extractions the staff at Mesa Family Dental are qualified and experienced to deal with this.

At Mesa family Dental preventative services are available in gum disease therapy. Gingivitis and plaque build-up will cause your teeth and gums to deteriorate quickly due to the number of factors involved. When this happens, the dental hygienist at Mesa Family Dental will perform the necessary therapy for gum disease.

Our family and general dentistry service at Mesa Family Dental includes oral cancer screening. A check for precancerous and cancerous cells can be done and if there is any discovery of cancerous cells, your dentist can prescribe a treatment course. You can depend on Mesa Family Dental for quality service in Family and general dentistry.

Do you need protection from sports-related trauma? Mesa Family Dental can fit you with a mouth guard which can protect your teeth during any activity or game. Mesa Family Dental provides complete general dentistry exams for patients in San Diego and surrounding areas. Patients are our priority and so too is your oral dental health.

Every family member regardless of their age can take advantage of the family and general dentistry service offered by Mesa Family Dental. Because the professionals realize the importance of early dental care in children, they will ensure that your child’s first visit to the dentist including follow-ups will be a comfortable.

Do you need cosmetic dentistry? Let the staff at Mesa Family Dental fit you with dentures, porcelain veneers or several restorative dentistry procedures. Mesa Family Dental is only an appointment away!