Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges


Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are used to protect tooth structures above the gum. Dental crowns and bridges are available in three materials: all-porcelain, all-gold and porcelain fused with metal.

While crowns restore and strengthen the damaged tooth/teeth that cannot be otherwise restored, dental bridges are an alternative for gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth.

Since porcelain is more natural-looking and matches flawlessly with your teeth color, our dentists at Mesa Family Dental use all-porcelain crowns and bridges for dental restorations. The technology used in porcelain crowns and bridges improves every year, and we strive to keep providing our esteemed patients the best services in a safe and comfortable environment.

On your first visit, our dentist will evaluate your oral health to determine which teeth are damaged or decayed. The damaged/decayed part of your teeth will be removed and the area cleaned before applying the crown.

We will apply a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being customized by using a mold of your teeth. On your next visit we will bond your permanent crown to your tooth/teeth.

Dental bridges are an ultimate solution for the ugly gaps left in between your teeth due to missing tooth/teeth. It restores your smile, bite and chewing capabilities and prevents other teeth from drifting away from their position due to unnecessary gaps.

To apply a bridge, our qualified and experienced dentists assess your problem carefully and will shape your neighboring teeth mildly to support the bridge in between them. After appropriate reshaping, a dental impression is taken which is sent to a lab for crafting of your permanent bridge. During this time, we place a temporary bridge to maintain the current position of your teeth.

Once the permanent bridge is made, our dentist will cement it in place of your missing teeth enabling a natural smile without any visible missing teeth.

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